{marshall 0 vs. toddler bed 2}

since I have started escaping from my crib on a regular basis mommy & daddy decided to switch me to a toddler bed...however they forgot one thing, to ask MY permission. 
the first night I loved crawling in & out and it was great-mommy stayed right beside me until I fell asleep 
 as soon as she left though...I woke up and had no further interest in going back to sleep in that contraption

mommy put my crib back together at 1am after laying me down, me waking up, & repeat.
she tried again the next night, and the next...each night repeating turning the crib to a toddler bed, laying me down asleep, me waking up-repeat.

she has now decided that we're not going to try the toddler bed until daddy comes home right before he deploys-it will work better because daddy will sleep in my room with me (AWESOME!) and daddy will get to share in this monumental moment in my life!


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